Ploughing Match

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2017 Ploughing Match
The 2017 Wiltshire Agricultural Preservation Group annual ploughing match will be held on the 17th of September at Galteemore Farm, Beckhampton.

Ploughing Match - 2nd October
The 2016 Wiltshire Agricultural Preservation Groups annual vintage ploughing match was be held on the Sunday the 2nd of October at Easton Royal.

2016 Ploughing Match Results
Trailed class:
First Prize: Mr J. Head
Second Prize: Mr S. Gilligan

Two furrow mounted class:
First Prize: My D. Franklin
Second Prize: Mr S. Woolford
Third Prize: Mr G. Bowyer

Three or more furrow mounted class
First Prize: Mr G. Dickson
Second Prize: Mr S. Bennett
Third Prize: Mr M. King

Champion Ploughman: Mr J. Head
Best opening by a WAPG member: Mr J. Head
Best finish by a WAPG member: Mr G. Dickens
Highest points awarded to a Fordson tractor: Mr S. Bennett
Highest points awarded to a TVO tractor: Mr J.Head
Best novice: Mr J. Wilkins
Best turned out tractor and plough: Mr G King

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